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Shiverr. Fook. Don't scratch the door. It might mess up my pink paint.
purple paint. my eye may be colored blind. Don't be a scavenger, Lake.
It's not good for your health. grr. bite. Her hair stands straight from
the shock. ooo. 3. Frankenstein is my husband. His problems are
Pink. Meant to be hot. it remains bright. all messy, and out of place.
from one dot filled with bunches and bunches of pink, to spread onto
a whole life. they do most things for me. like the present. I thank them.
Yet, I have to say Mr. R does quite a bit  more. L is more like myself.
weird. Not so many people use.
Very Seldom. Follow it. sjfhakjf. helpful to my trrroubles. it has a nice beat.
it plays over and over and over again. 3.


Jessica and Elisabeth are the POPs. They may look similar, with the exception of Jessica's long red hair, and Elisabeth's short blond hair, but, they remain very different.

THinGs hAD WeNT wEll

    Things had went well that day. Nervously, I had circled the room, waiting. 3, 2, 1. I didn't understand my choice, I had spent many minutes convincing myself otherwise. Do the right thing. Temptation and my own pleasure over threw me. Things had went well, my brain racking, my mouth smiling. Yet, it made no sense. It was simple. I didn't understand. I understood, think the other way, backwards, it will all go well. It always goes well, you know that, I know that. Remember. Time was killed, endlessly. The sun was risen. It looked so beautiful outside. My windows remained open, Neck sweating, body cool. Things had went well, The smell was flawless.
There was anger, frustration---------> happiness, calmness. Things had went well that day.

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

    Elisabeth had arrived yesterday, without Jessica, which was to be expected in this circumstance. Needless to say, I was a bit put off, at first. To the contrary, Elisabeth is fun, and though Jessica wasn't there to laugh with us, everything turned out swell.
Shutter was the original hilarious movie we had planned to see, but, Elisabeth had already seen it, it was Jessica and I that hadn't.
With this being said, Shutter was off the list. My choices were 21 and Prom Night. "Prom Night!' was automatically yelled at me when I told Elisabeth.
Enough with these ramblings. Point.! tiss tiss. Prom Night's suspense killed me. That is right, I am dead. Undead.

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